Thursday, July 2, 2009

Final About Page

For my 'about' page i've left it plain and added my email aswell as my phone number.

Final Gallery Pages

These are my final gallery layouts, i feel that they work better than the ones i had created previously. The images don't look to crammed. The viewer has to click on the thumbnails to view the full image.

Final Home Page!

This is my final home page, i've still kept the same format since we last presented. Each image is a rollover and also links to that specific gallery.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gallery Layouts and div tag layout

Went for a really simple layout because it would be easier for me to recreate it on dreamweaver and easy to maintain later down the track. moght change colour and size of my name.

Possibly my FINAL homepage

not to keen on the bigger image with the hands. maybe its too big? out of proportion..i might just have the same size columns for the four images.

White Background

The white background works better, its easy on the eye and more inviting. Will definatly stick with the coloumn format and the white.

Developing homepage1 BLACK, too harsh??

Like the white borders around the images, not to sure if i would have the title of the projects in the menu or place them on the images itself. Something is not working???? Maybe the background. Black is hard to work with, maybe ill have a white background.