Monday, June 22, 2009

Formative Assesment

After presenting my CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT i found that I was gravitating towards 'moodboard2'. This was largely influenced by the LUAM and YOKIETRASH site. I had a few problems when creating the concept html in terms of the layout (placing columns side by side; float and clear) and the use of tags&div tags!!!!!!!!!!

MOODBOARD 2: the works that i will be showing from previous assignments will largely be colourful and busy so i decided that a black or dark background with a simple layout will work well against my work. There will be less focus on the web page itself (font,layout,etc) and more focus on my actual work which is the essetntially what is being showcased. I want the viewer to be drawn to my work in the first 5seconds. Im still working towards my layout..still in progress!

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