Tuesday, June 23, 2009

STEP#3 Sitemap

I tried to create something simple that I am able to create myself and is easy to navigate.

HOME PAGE: has four images of my best work from each project (1 image - studio1, 1 image - length etc). Instead of listing the project galleries on home page I decided that it will be nice to have those 4 images act as links to the project gallery that the images belong to!! could it be rollover images?. Also there will be an 'about' & 'contact' link.

ABOUT: will have a little background information about myself

GALLERY: each gallery are grouped by projects and it will consist of 5-6 images from sketchbook pages to the final product. Each gallery page will have a set menu on it so that the view can look at other projects without going back to the home page. Im not to sure if i should have my 'contact' link on each page?

CONTACT: links straight to email

Im still working and developing on my page layouts etc and i need to look at other portfolio layouts to generate ideas but the site map is pretty much how i want my portfolio to flow.

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